On Saturday, Doug and I went out for a bike ride to get some fresh air and exercise. While we were out, we passed the sweetest little girl proudly riding her pink Disney princess bike, adorned with stickers, streamers, and, not surprising, training wheels. It looked like they could be removed soon, she was doing really well, but they were there just in case.

What we did not see on our bike ride was any adults with training wheels. None, actually. The training wheels came off our bikes a long time ago because, at some point, it was time. “It was time?” Who decided that and why? Why isn’t it ok for adults to have training wheels? It’s easier! No risk! If there is even an inkling of failure, the training wheels are there to catch us. 

The truth is, riding a bike with training wheels is safe but it’s painfully slow and clunky. And the day our parents remove them and we ride alone is remembered by every child (and parent)! It’s a freedom we never forget. Everyone is beaming—especially the bantam bike rider. So where, in your life, do you still have the training wheels on? Where are you playing it SO SAFELY, that you’re missing out on freedom, self-confidence, success, and a sense of true accomplishment? Please—take the training wheels off, for goodness sake, it’s time!

With Gratitude,

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