What are the chances that you woke up this morning and said, “Wow, I’m amazing! I’m beyond good looking, amazingly successful, incredibly brilliant, wildly creative, unbelievably fit, and more—I wouldn’t change a thing!” Right, me either. If you’re like me, our conversations are at the other end of the spectrum. They tend to be a lot more self-deprecating. As a matter of fact, sadly, I begin every morning with some negative thought about my weight.

Why do we do this? Why do we insist on believing we are defective and that every day is a new dawn to fix something about ourselves that we know is not quite up to snuff? Why don’t we acknowledge that we are, as my friend Terry would say, “PERFECT, WHOLE, AND COMPLETE.” (These words are all capitalized because I am screaming them at you and me!)

How could we possibly be “perfect, whole, and complete?” We have so many flaws and things to work on. This mindset is like chasing our own tail—its exhausting and futile because no matter how much we accomplish, we will always find something else to chase. Today, I’m going to ask us all to separate the journey from the person. The person is perfect, whole, and complete, AND she is on a journey, while she is here, to continue to improve. There is a huge difference. Can you say it out loud? Today, I am perfect. I’m exactly where I am suppose to be. Exhale. Ahhh.

With Gratitude,

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