Thanksgiving is over. We now head full throttle into the holiday season, regardless of whether or not we even celebrate the holidays. For work purposes, we will be closing out the year. No matter which way we look at it, everything starts to ramp up from now until year-end.

Have you thought about how you want the next 35 days to play out? These days can be a runaway train filled with frenetic energy or they can be as peace-filled and joyful as we want them to be. It’s our choice. We get to choose how we will take on this year-end.

Intentionally choosing words to head into this season will guide your mind toward what is truly important. Make this season one of letting go of what doesn’t matter, and embracing what does. Think of words like peace, family, blessings, fun, magical, love, etc. Here’s to an intentional season—what word(s) will you choose? Whatever word you choose will be how you make others feel so choose wisely!

With Gratitude,

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