This weekend I spent a lot of time in my garden completing the unenviable task of weeding. It’s one of those tasks that is bitter-sweet. It’s back-breaking work, my hands get so embedded with dirt they seem impossible to clean, but in the end, the resulting beauty of the garden makes it all worthwhile. Weeds choke a garden of its beauty, but as the gardener, we can rectify that with a little hard work and intentionally separating the good from the bad.

The same is true with life and now more than ever while we are all self-quarantined. We get the privilege of time to ponder what stays in our “garden” and what needs to get weeded out. Don’t squander this time, it’s highly likely we will never get it again. Will you take the time to intentionally weed? And exactly what should we be weeding?

I will argue our phone, itself, is not a weed, but how and when we use it is. It may in fact be the biggest and most invasive weed in our whole garden. There is even a book about it titled, How To Break Up With Your Phone by Catherine Price. She is currently offering a Quarantine Challenge. I guess the question to ask ourselves is this: “When I am with my family, do they get my undivided attention OR is my phone always nearby? Or am I on my phone and my family is nearby? Hmm. The lines get blurred. Is it time to weed? It is for me. 

With Gratitude,

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