Over the weekend, Doug and I went on 3 local hikes to do our part with social distancing. The weather was beautiful and I was going absolutely stir-crazy in the house. The first hike had a rather dramatic incline and it was essentially all rocks so we really had to pay attention to every step. Picking our head up to look around was not an option unless we stopped—which we did occasionally to catch our breath and look at the views.

Where are you at in life? Is it laser-focused on all the challenges? Do they seem like they will never end? Are you sick and tired of the uphill climb? You know you can stop, right? You can take a moment to catch your breath and look around. Are you overlooking that option?

We all have the license to stop. It falls under free will. We can choose to stop the challenging uphill climb and look around at the bigger picture. The arduous uphill climb will not miraculously vanish, although we wish it would. But sometimes we simply need a break. So take it. Look around. Pause. Breathe. There’s more to go, but once we stop to rest and catch our breath, the uphill climb seems a little easier. Always remember how tough you are—we got this!

With Gratitude,

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