Yesterday, Clare and I went into NYC to see Moulin Rouge The Musical with her Girl Scouts Troop—which was fantastic BTW. The Al Hirschfeld Theater is beautiful but rather small and there was a “pre-show” happening when we arrived, so we put our Playbills in our bags for later perusal.

When we boarded the train home we were shocked to find out that the female lead, Satine, had been played by the standby, Ashley Loren. She was beyond phenomenal! Our entire group could not stop talking about Loren. If she was the #2, who was the #1? We couldn’t comprehend anyone being better than her.

Very few of us are ever asked to step in on a moments notice and “play the lead,” but what if we were? What if we were asked today to up our game? To be the star? What would have to change? What would we have to do differently? What if we wrote down 5 things we would need to do to up our game—and then we actually did them? What would happen then? I think a lot! Let’s DO IT!

With Gratitude,
PS To the entire cast of Moulin Rouge The Musical, thank you for an incredible night of entertainment – your talent is beyond words!

The real Moulin Rouge in Paris.
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