“Mike, Mike, Mike, do you know what day it is?” And I’m asking this in my best GEICO camel voice, but the answer isn’t Hump DAY! Today, my book, The Wake Up Call, is finally available for purchase on Amazon.com, but that’s not what I am excited about. I’m excited about working together with you for the next year! That’s right, me and you! Woot woot!

Here’s what you need to know. Authors don’t write books for the money, although that would be a fantastic byproduct; they write because they are passionate about the subject. Personally, I will make about $1/book. I’m not talking about Amazon.com repeatedly because of that $1. No, I want the book in your hands so we can get to work and make things happen! I want the next year to be life-altering for you! I want your dreams to materialize before your eyes because you put in the work and made it happen!

I want both of us to remember Feb 17th because it’s the day everything changed. It’s the day you bought The Wake Up Call because you were ready. The Wake Up Call will take you on a transformational journey that will inspire and motivate you to make positive life changes so that you will live a braver, bolder, and more courageous life than you EVER thought possible. LET’S GO! Let’s get this thing done!

With My Deepest Gratitude,


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