Yesterday I was at Stevens Institute of Technology watching my daughter, along with approximately 30 other recruits and prospects, play lacrosse. I was up in the stands so I had a great bird’s-eye view of the entire field. As I watched the ball go from end to end, I realized how much lacrosse is just like life.

The goal of this game is to score, but to do so one has to get closer to the net. As you get closer to the net, your chances of scoring get easier but everything else gets harder. There are way more challenges like defenders, congestions, faster pace, pressure, decision-making, errors, risks, etc. It’s the classic risk-reward relationship; to be successful these players need to be brave and take risks.

This is the same for us. The farther we are away from the goal, the harder it is to “score.” Not one player yesterday stood at mid-field and waited for all the defenders to get out of her way. No, these brave girls ran right toward the goal, trusting in their own abilities, knowing exactly what roadblocks lie ahead, and confident in their ability to overcome them. Failure was a possibility but it didn’t deter them, it just meant trying harder next time. 

What do you want in life? Are you standing at midfield waiting or, today, are you thinking about charging right toward the goal? Not a lot of goals get scored from midfield. Your choice.

With Gratitude,

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