The word “curious” came up over the weekend. Would you describe yourself as curious? I bet you would say yes, but I challenge you to revisit your answer. As children we are naturally curious, but by the time we start school, it begins to get trained out of us. Answers are more valued than inquisitive thought. 

Regaining our sense of curiosity is critical to our success. Being curious definitely means asking more question even about things we think we know. Actually, this may be where it pays the most dividends. Here are a few keys steps to being successful at being curious:
Listen without judgement
Ask a lot of who, what, when, where, how, and why
Be fully present
Don’t be afraid to be wrong
Be willing to take risks 

I see the lack of curiosity most often when I explain energy work—the resistance is huge. Energy work is unknown, foreign, and “scary,” I get that, but this is an example of exactly where we need to allow the curiosity to flow. Be willing to be that 5 year old child again when we had no judgement, we were fully present, we never even thought about being wrong, we were risk takers, and we said over and over again, “Why?” That’s the curious I’m talking about! Can you be that child again?

With Gratitude,

If you really want to be more curious, check out the 
4-24 project by Hal Gregersen

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