By now, January 6th, everyone should be back at work. Resolutions are in full swing. Gyms are packed. The energy of the new year and the liberation that comes with the so-called clean slate are at their peak. We are in a rhythm and the pace is quickening, but it all feels good.

I couldn’t help but think of this momentum last night as I took down my Christmas tree. For a month now that tree, beautifully lit in my family room, has been a place of refuge for me—a quiet sanctuary. At any point, if I was feeling overwhelmed, I could sit quietly in the family room and take in the serenity of this tree. But now it’s gone. 

Before the pace gets too quick, I have to ask—where is your place of refuge? By definition, refuge is to shelter or protect from danger or distress. For me it was the lights not the tree that brought me peace. Before 2020 becomes a runaway train, and it WILL at some point, where is your place of refuge? We should know what and where it is now because when we need it most, we will be in no place to find it. Here’s to our peace!

With Gratitude,

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