Good morning everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holidays, as it is undoubtedly a crazy time of year. I was struck this year by how often I heard people ask me about home. “Is your son happy to be home?” “Are all your children home yet?” “Will you be home for the holidays?” What is it about the holidays that has people pining to know if we are going to be home?

Well, for some, home can mean the comfort of your own bed, home cooked meals, a stocked refrigerator, and maybe even a dog or two cuddled up next to you. After some thought I realized maybe it’s not the physical home that everyone is asking about though, maybe it’s the emotional home. And that home can be far more alluring—that place can be a veritable sanctuary.

The home I think everyone was asking about is where we are safe. It’s where we are not judged, where our heart is at peace, where we can be 100% ourselves, and it’s where we feel most loved. Home isn’t necessarily a place as much as it is a feeling. As this year comes to a close, I can wish nothing greater for you than for you to be home.

XO Beth

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