Have you ever thought about your life and how you ended up here? Whether or not you like your “here” is not as important today as is how you got here. It’s highly likely that you didn’t plan to be “here,” but somehow, along the way, there were a series of inflection points that got you to this very spot. Some were planned, some serendipitous, some accidental, some fortunate, and surely some were unfortunate.

Like it or not, you are here. It’s like examining the map at an expansive amusement park and you are the big red arrow. What’s next? Where are you going? What’s the plan? How will you get there? Will you create your own inflection point or will you sit tight and hope things work out?

Sitting tight is you waiting for someone to decide your fate? Inflection points come in all shapes and sizes. They can happen for you or by you. If you’re tired of waiting for an inflection point to happen, then why not create one yourself! This is what I do for a living; I create inflection points where there are none. Today you can decide whether or not you like your “here.” If you don’t like it, then do something about it. It’s one decision away.

With Gratitude,

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