Motivational Monday!

Yesterday was the running of the TCS New York City Marathon. Over 50,000 people crossed the finish line and the average finishing time was 4:39. I can’t even comprehend running a marathon. Yesterday I ran a mile; Actually, I’m sure it was less.

In my head (where many unfortunate thoughts take place) I had this vision of the elite runners who run marathons, New York and otherwise, and I was not one of them. But then I watched a video of the amazing runners who finished the ’17 marathon last. If you are looking for inspiration for anything, this is 3-minutes worth watching! Grab a tissue first.…/last-but-not-least-at-the-new-yor…

Most of these runners arrive at the finish line after dark. Their times are not 4-hours, but more like 8-10 hours. No matter how hard it was, they refused to quit! There is even a “sweep bus” that comes by for those runners who can’t make it. I’m sure it looked rather enticing at times, but they refused. Their fortitude pays off when they reach the finish line and are greeted enthusiastically by Project Finish. If you ever thought you couldn’t do something, watch this video and think again. So inspiring!!

With Gratitude,

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