Last week, I attended an Orangetheory Fitness Princeton class. One of the first things the instructor said was, “You showed up, that’s the hard part.” I certainly hadn’t looked at it that way. I thought the hour of intense training I still had ahead of me was going to be the hard part, but he was right. Getting to the gym was a much bigger psychological hurdle than actually doing the workout.

Where in our life do we need to show up? Is it a real place like the gym or church? Do we need to “show up” in a relationship with our spouse, family, or friends. Or is it work? When we think of the words “show up,” we must link it to all the things we are avoiding or procrastinating. That’s exactly where we need to show up!

There is a quote that states, “80% of success is just showing up.” Pick one thing in your life that is gnawing at you just a bit. This isn’t the first time you have thought about it. What would it take for you to show up? Remember what my instructor said—showing up is the hard part. Overcome that hurdle and the rest is downhill.

With Gratitude,

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