This is the last week of summer. I love this time of year because everything starts to ramp up again. I liken it to the home stretch of a race; our steady pace may no longer be our best decision. It’s likely that we will have a year-end review and although it should be based on the whole year, it is more likely that the most recent 6 months will far outweigh the whole year. So what’s your plan?

We all have 9 days before the race to the finish line begins.What would you like to accomplish before year’s end? Let’s use these days strategically. Make a list of ideas. Circle the ones that are most important. List them in priority order, not what is the easiest. Don’t take this list lightly. This is your golden ticket—but only you can create it and accomplish it.

Most people won’t take the time to create this list, but you’re not most people. Making this list and executing it by year’s end is the differentiator. Your list might only have one item, but if it is the right item, then you will have hit the nail on the head. We are looking for a big win with this, but it begins with the list. Will you take the time to create your list?

With Gratitude,

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