I was explaining a situation to my 17-year-old daughter regarding one of her peers. The circumstances for this young adult certainly were not ideal and the behavior that followed was consistent with her situation. Thinking she would better understand given this back-story, I was surprised when my daughter said, “You can’t always pull the ‘my life is hard’ card!”

Wow! Okay, my first thought was “That was harsh.” But after a few moments, I began to think otherwise. How long can we play the “my life is hard” card before we have to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and move on? There are so many degrees and variations of “my life is hard”, that the answer isn’t simple nor is it absolute. 

Currently, is your life hard? What would make it less hard? What is the one thing you know you could do today that might begin to turn the tides? Sometimes, we do get pulled down into the depths of “my life is hard” and we relinquish control. We forget that reversing “my life is hard” begins with us. Today, take one positive step. Take control!

With Gratitude,

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