A while back, in November of 2019, I went to Philly to watch my daughter run the Philadelphia Marathon & Half-Marathon (she ran the half-marathon). It was such an exciting day in Philadelphia that we made a commitment to make it a family event in 2020. Immediately following the race, I made a plan outlining how I was going to be able to run an 8K by November—this was another choice outside of marathon or half-marathon. I knew it would be a challenge, but I knew it was something I could work toward, and I knew I had the time.

Then the pandemic hit and the world came to a halt. The Philadelphia Marathon & Half-Marathon got cancelled and I stopped training. I decided I would wait until it was scheduled again to begin my training in earnest. I’m sure it’s scheduled again, but it fell off my radar. I was no longer working toward something. Have you ever done that?

Having something to work toward is a powerful tool, and it doesn’t have to be fitness. We all should have something specific we are working toward at all times—it gives us vision, purpose, determination, grit, awareness, pride, happiness, and more. This thing should have a defined finish line as well. What are you working toward right now? If you don’t have a specific answer, then we need to talk. Most people drift, unconsciously, through life. We all fall into this trap at times, but that is not you! Come on!


Beth Fitzgerald

Here is a good quote to inspire you: “Stubborn on the vision. Flexible on the details.”

This is a picture of the sunrise in Philly on the morning of the half-marathon. It was spectacular!

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