Recently, I have been listening to a lot of the Dave Ramsey podcasts which are mainly about personal finance. Each podcast is 40 content-rich minutes of Dave and his staff fielding a wide variety of calls from listeners all over the country. I have really enjoyed listening to his take on every financial situation. He is my kind of guy, a no-nonsense, you made the mess—you clean it up, rip-the-bandaid-off kind of guy. I love it!

So Ramsey got me thinking about all of us. Currently, all of us are in some “situation.” We all have something going on that we are trying to fix, change, solve, manage, etc. Am I right? What is the cause of your current situation? Is it finances, health, marriage, work, career, pandemic, friendships, relationships—what is it? Can you put your finger on it right now? Great, now ask yourself, “What amount of me am I truthfully putting toward fixing this situation once and for all? Are you fully committed? 100%?

The one thing I have gleaned from listening to the Dave Ramsey show is that he adheres to a plan. He encourages people to commit to his “baby steps” and ultimately free themselves from their financial woes. In all the cases I listened to, once the people faced the situation and took action, everything began to change. What is it about our situation that we aren’t facing? Ignoring it or blaming someone or something isn’t helping either. And I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of complaining about it as well. So can we agree to commit completely to fixing this thing? How happy will we be when it’s fixed? The answer is VERY! So let’s go, head out of the sand, we are going to fix this thing once and for all!

With Gratitude,


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