Last week I got on the Peloton for a 45-minute ride with an instructor I have never ridden with before, Ben Alldis. Midway through the ride, I started to think about the accountability Ben was providing for me without him even knowing it. This ride was recorded, so Ben and I were not riding “live” together—he was simply a video for me to follow. I could have been sitting on the bike in pajamas, eating an egg McMuffin, and watching TikTok videos—and he would have never known.

Accountability is a really big deal, even when it comes in the form of a prerecorded message. Ben Alldis helped me complete a very tough workout that I might have skimped on, had it not been for him cheering me on for 45 minutes. I knew he’d never know if I quit, but I’d know. So imagine how powerful accountability is when you do it with a live person?

What would happen if you had an accoutability partner at work just for the summer? What one single item would you want to get done that otherwise might not get done or would take a whole lot longer? What about your health—do you need an accountability partner there? Is there something at home you want to accomplish and you’re dragging your feet? Accountability is the rocket fuel we need to make things happen faster. Without Ben Alldis the other day, I know I would have done less. So thank you, Ben, for holding me accountable! Who will you choose as your accountability partner and what do you want to accomplish this summer? Let’s go! We got this!

With Gratitude,


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