I spent the last week with my family vactioning on Nantucket Island, off the coast of Massachusetts. We had such a wonderful time relaxing, eating, and having fun on this beautiful island. Most of us had never been to Nantucket before, so we were eager to explore the whole island and all that it had to offer. On our cute little rented bikes, we traversed the island, encountering everything from beaches and seals to lobsters and ice cream.

During our week, I was struck by the wherewithal of three women. First was a woman from Jamaica who came to the island as a single mother. She created a taxi service business (most tourists arrive via the ferry without their cars). Then she added a party bus. Another woman was from the Dominican Republic. She and her sister started a year-round nail salon on the island. And lastly, I met a woman who created art out of copper that was 80% reclaimed from Nantucket—and she had no training in copper whatsoever. All three of these women have thriving businesses. All seemingly did this against all odds. I was duly impressed.

These women made me think about what I was afraid of. They made me wonder how they got past their fears to move forward with their female-owned businesses. What have you been thinking about, maybe for a while now, that you are afraid to move forward on? Can these three women inspire you? We have listed our excuses for a while now, but can we move past them? The only way dreams leave the dream phase and become a reality is if we act on them. So what do you say? Are you ready to act?

With Gratitude,


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