This holiday season I have really paid attention to the ups and downs in everyone’s life. I have been witness to some amazing stories. I have seen big wins and tears of joy but I have also seen some unbelievably devastating blows. I couldn’t help but try to make sense of it all.

Here is what I arrived at: Is it possible that every moment and every event of every day, is the Universe (God, if that resonates with you) trying to communicate with us. We love “communicating” when things are good, but what about when things are bad? You know, the times when we ask “Why me?”

It’s human nature to want to fix the bad to good and the wrong to right, but what if there was a message in there? What if the intent of the “bad” was actually good? What if that situation you are dealing with right now had a message for you – what would it be? I could be wrong, but I believe things are a lot easier to “fix” when we close in on the message first.

With Gratitude,

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