Do you ever doubt yourself? Do you ever experience feelings of self-doubt around decisions and choices you’ve made or simply feel that you’re not good enough? Does this happen at work or at home? Are you more self-confident around certain people and less so around others? Do these feelings wax and wane depending on the day and the circumstance?

Look, we all have moments of self-doubt—it’s human nature. Ironically, there are times when those around us have more faith in us than we do! Think of something right now that you are lacking self confidence in—really give it some thought. We usually lack confidence because it’s something we haven’t done a million times, it’s new in some way. How will you move forward with this gnawing lack of confidence?

Today, let’s give some thought to what we have done well. Have you ever written a confidence letter to yourself? It doesn’t have to be completed today, but start a letter to yourself about all the things you have excelled at in life so far. All of it doesn’t have to be work related. Pat yourself on the back for choosing the right spouse or raising great kids. You and I have done so many great things that we overlook daily. This letter is something that should be an ongoing process and something you turn to when you feel your confidence is beginning to wane. You have already been phenomenal in your life, and soon you will have a letter to prove it. Encourage others to write a letter as well. Tell them some things you believe they should add to their letter. Most people won’t write this letter, but you’re not most people! Let’s GO! We got this!

With Gratitude,


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