Yesterday, I ate chocolate for the first time in 40 days. I had given it up for Lent, which ended Sunday morning. I didn’t eat a little bit of chocolate yesterday, I ate a lot, maybe too much, actually. And now the question remains for me, what does the future look like for me and chocolate? Will I have the willpower to stop or limit my intake again or will I wait until next year to begin another Lenten promise?

We also started the 30-day challenge last Thursday, which is similar to a Lenten promise. I chose to pray, work out, and write for 15 minutes each day for 30 straight days. So far, so good. I believe it’s the commitment to just 30 days that allowed my mind to jump on board with this. If the challenge had been 6 months I would have never said, “Yes.” What about you?

What does that say about our minds? If the task seems too long or too daunting, we might very well shy away from it. But if we break it down into bite-sized pieces, our mind can agree to it. Think about one thing you really want that you haven’t been able to move forward on—can you break it down into smaller pieces? Look, we can get at least 9 “Lents” in a year or 12 30-Day Challenges, whatever will help us accomplish what we want to accomplish. All we need to do is set it up so the mind will agree! Give it a go!

With Gratitude,


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