When Doug and I were hiking in the Sourland Mountains recently, which is basically a hill near my house, we were amazed by this tree which seems to defy all the odds. We have so many questions about this unexplainable mystery. Was the tree really strong enough early on in its life to split the rock? Was there already a fissure in the rock and the tree capitalized on that opening? How did this happen?

I will never know the truth, but I can certainly see the end result. There’s one thing I do know for sure, there was no other tree telling this tree, “It can’t be done. You’re not strong enough or rich enough, or smart enough.” No, the tree simply fought to find its way toward the sun every day—taking baby steps. It never gave up. It never listened to other trees or even the doubt in its own “tree-mind.” Every day it took another step until one day it broke through the rock, started growing straight up, and successfully defeated the rock. Nobody would have bet on the tree when they saw this huge rock, but the tree won simply due to steadfast perseverance and determination.

Can you see yourself as the tree? Do you know what the rock is in your life? Do you listen to the other “trees” around you that tell you it can’t be done? Or do you listen to the voice that is far more damaging that comes from within? I know, I often listen to that voice, too. Why do we do that? That voice almost always holds us back. So today, let’s be the tree! Pick the rock and let’s bust through this thing once and for all. Slow and steady wins the race. We got this!

With Gratitude,


P.S. This Wednesday at 5 pm we will be discussing Simon Sinek’s Finding Your Why. It’s a great book, I hope you’ll join us. Everyone is welcome! I will send the Zoom link tomorrow.

P.P.S. April 1st is this Thursday if you are going to join us in the 30-Day Challenge. You pick the thing you want to do for 30-straight days. It can be anything! I have a few ideas in mind. Start thinking of yours, but definitely join us for the challenge.

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