This past weekend, Doug and I went for a long bike ride along a local canal. What struck me about this path was that for miles it looked exactly the same. Sure, small things were different but, by and large, everything looked exactly the same for miles.

Do you ever feel that way in work or in life? You have travelled the “miles” for sure, but everything still looks exactly the same? Not much is different. And for some, that may be good. Maybe you’re not looking for anything to change. But for others, this is not ok. Either way, today is a good day to look at the path we’re on and ask ourselves, “Do I like this path? Is this where I want to be? And do I need to make a change?”

Sometimes we get so focused on the task at hand that we forget to look up. Today, I’m simply asking us all to do that—look up! Do we like what we see? Is this where we want to be? Do we need to make a change? I don’t want any of us to get so far down the path that we can’t or won’t make a change. Stop and look up. It’s a much needed moment of reflection that we owe ourselves.

With Gratitude,


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