As many of you know from my previous posts, I was in an 8-week stationary bike challenge with a few of my friends. All 8 weeks were planned out—4 specific rides a week that had to be completed by the following Monday. There was no way to “skate” through any of the weeks. There was no room for excuses or procrastination or even thinking. The task was set, so we had to suck it up and power through. Thank goodness we had a tribe of us who could vent, complain, cheer each other on, give advice, and laugh—a lot of laughing! I’m kind of glad it’s over, but I’m kind of not. I learned a lot by staying committed for 8 weeks.

Now imagine what would happen if we committed to something for an extended period! What would happen if we started on April 1st and committed to something for 8 weeks, or even just 4 weeks? What would happen with work if we made a 4-week commitment to improving in some way? Maybe it’s not work, maybe it’s your finances or your health. What would your 4-week plan look like? Who will hold you accountable? The accountability is important, that’s what kept me going.

Here is the truth: I would have never ridden as much or as hard without that challenge. We tend to drift through life, and sometimes we need to put our feet to the fire to get to the desired result we are looking for. If this is resonating with you, please join me in a 4-week challenge. We get to choose what we want to accomplish. I encourage you to get a partner who will help with accountability. Imagine what would happen if we did a challenge every other month—that would be 6 great things we would accomplish every year! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Let’s start with just one. Are you with me? Let’s GO!

With Gratitude,


Does she get over the wall? What do you think?
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