Motivational Monday!Life isn’t always easy, right? At any point in time, if I asked any one of us, “What are you struggling with at the moment,” we’d all surely have an answer. We all have this pandemic to navigate, but I also get answers like finances, career, job, health, relationships, kids, etc. Everyone can easily point to their current struggle.

Today, I want us all to look beyond the physical, external struggle and look at the other component which is internal—the mental struggle of thoughts and feelings. Let’s break it down. Start with the pandemic: there is the actual pandemic, but then there is how we think about the pandemic that changes how it weighs on us. Add your struggle here: ____________. Your struggle is real, and I am, by no means, trying to minimize it. I simply want us all to separate the actual struggle from how we think about the struggle, to gain a broader perspective.

When the struggle is outside of us, it appears as though it is beyond our control. But when we view the struggle from inside of us, we can feel more in control of our circumstances. We can ask questions of ourselves that start with “I.” What can I do differently? How can I see this differently? How can I regain control of this situation by repositioning my thoughts? The mind is a powerful thing—both positively and negatively—but we are always at the helm, if we choose to be. So let’s choose to be in control. Let’s reframe our thoughts to be powerful, positive, and inspiring. Can you do that? I know you can! Let’s go!

With Gratitude,


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