Do you remember being in the car with your family and saying to your parents, “Are we there yet?” I believe it is a statement that is guaranteed to come out of some child’s mouth if and when a car ride exceeds 20 minutes. Now that you’re older, do you ever look back after a car ride and think about how you got there? Maybe the ride was long, or maybe it was under difficult weather conditions, or maybe you were tired, or maybe there were many other reasons your journey was difficult, but it can also be something you were proud of.

Life is the same way, isn’t it? Look at where you are right now—how did you get there? Don’t look at the last leg of your journey, look at the whole “car ride.” Go back to when you were about 8 years old. In your mind’s eye, go to where you grew up. Could you have ever imagined that this is where you’d be? That this would be your life? That you’d be this successful? Don’t focus on the negative things, we all want some things to be different. For right now, focus on your wins. You’re rather incredible, don’t you think?

Your action step for today is simple, I want you to say, out loud, “I did it.” The road may not have been a straight one—mine certainly wasn’t. You may have had your share of bad weather, flat tires, engine trouble, no gas, and a few times that you had to take a break at a rest area—but you did it. You got here! Well done! I’m proud of you (and me)! We did. Sure, there’s more to go, but it’s time to celebrate the part of the journey that we have already accomplished. Kudos to you! It wasn’t easy. So, “are we there yet?” Not really, but the journey is the best part! Enjoy!

With Gratitude,


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