Last week, while listening to an online conference, I heard a woman say, “Look, no one’s coming to rescue you!” OK, wow, that was like a punch in the face. That sentence made me think about all the things that I want to be different. And for each one, I paused and asked myself, “Well how, exactly, are you expecting this to change?” I didn’t necessarily love my answers—or lack thereof.

“No one’s coming to rescue you,” is a sentence I want ALL OF US to absorb today. Somehow, we subconsciously believe that if we will simply give things “time,” then they will automatically change. But our faith in this baseless idea that time will change things is actually a simple act of fear that is neatly gift-wrapped in procrastination. And we will use other tools like justification and a great many excuses to defend this stance. So I believe we should say it out loud so that we hear it this time, “Look, no one’s coming to rescue us!”

The damsel in distress in this fairytale is YOU (and me), but so is the knight in shining armor. We are both and once we take ownership of this veritable truth, then everything changes—EVERYTHING! I have no problem being the damsel as long as I also know I am the knight. So LET’S GO! Put on your full armor right now, we’ve got work to do! No one’s coming to rescue us, and that, my friend, is OK! We got this!

With Gratitude,


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