I was listening to Atomic Habits on Audible by James Clear the other day. It’s a great book, btw. He was talking about the difference between motion and action. Had I not been on a bike while I was listening to this (don’t judge), I would have jumped up and down in agreement, screaming “YES!”

At first glance, motion and action seem like they are the same but they are SO different! When we are in motion, we convince ourselves that we are making progress and getting things done, but in reality we are just preparing to get things done! And preparing to get things done can actually be a subconscious form of procrastination. 

Action is quite different; action delivers an outcome. Joining Weight Watchers is motion; eating healthy meals is action. Emailing leads is motion; converting them to clients is action. Working hard and wanting to get promoted is motion; having an honest conversation with your boss is action. So today, decide whether you are simply in motion or are you taking action? Don’t judge yourself—awareness is the first step. Action is a lot more difficult than motion, but it also produces a lot more results! The choice is yours.

With Gratitude,

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