How many of you write out a to-do list? Doesn’t it feel great to have the list out of your head and physically in front of you for easy checking? Although the to-do list is a great first step in getting organized and becoming more efficient, there is one more step we can take to make it an even better tool and help reduce our stress.

A to-do list is stressful? Actually, it is. Once we create a to-do list our mind continues to say “I have to get this done!” And our mind has a time horizon of just two-weeks so once the list is created the pressure is on to complete it.

A better choice is to make a to-do list then take each item and populate our calendar with each task. Now an item might get pushed out a month because it isn’t urgent but if it remains on our to-do list it will loom large until we can get it completed, adding unnecessary stress to our lives. Give it a try, we can all use a little less stress!

With Gratitude,

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