I overheard someone talk about a milestone the other day and, of course, that got me thinking. What is a “milestone,” and why is it important?

The derivation and definition of milestone is simply a marker set up on on a route indicating the distance to a particular location. It’s a sign that, not only are we going in the right direction, but we are successfully making progress. Milestones are not only great on the road, but in our life; they are an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. Again, a milestone confirms progress. We love progress!

Milestones on the road are a given; they are already set up for us, but what about life. Big mIlestones in our life, like birthdays and anniversaries, get celebrated, but what about less obvious milestones? Doing something outside our comfort zone is a milestone. So is reconnecting with an old friend with whom we have lost touch. Don’t forget embarking on a journey to lose weight or get in shape. And have we forgiven someone recently? That’s definitely a milestone. What about successfully navigating a pandemic—huge milestone! So today let’s celebrate all the milestones we’ve overlooked! We’ve been a milestone bada$$ and we didn’t even know it!

With Gratitude,


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