Have you ever wondered what Jennifer Lopez and I have in common? HAHA, me either, until yesterday. She appeared on a LinkedIn video with Arianna Huffington and she was talking about feeling inferior—even after her career had taken off. She reminded me of when I have felt the same way. Maybe you have struggled with this, too?

I have absolutely felt not as good, not as smart, not as attractive, not as rich, not as educated, not a cool, not as accomplished, not as athletic, not as nice, etc. And during these crushing moments, I am consumed with self-disappointment. Good times, huh? Why do we do this to ourselves? Better yet, how can we avoid going down this loathsome rabbit hole?

First, inferiority is a choice. We choose it because we are comparing ourselves to others, and we will always be inferior to someone in some way. Hey, JLo has a lot on me, but I’ll be you I’m funnier than her, and maybe I’m smarter, who knows? Finally, we need to own who we are. Be confident in the amazing you that you are! There is no one better to be around then someone who is unapologetically authentic, it’s like a breath of fresh air! BE YOU!

With Gratitude,

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