My daughter, Devon, just started fostering a dog. The dog’s name is Big Johnny and he arrived in DC on Saturday. His backstory is that he was essentially homeless. He lived at a gas station in Tennessee and the town basically adopted him by feeding him as they entered and exited daily. The dog is a complete cutie pie.

Having never really lived in a home surrounded by people, Big Johnny loves being with Devon and her apartment mates. She said, “He lays on my feet when I’m doing dishes and on my lap when I’m doing work! We are never apart!” She described him as a total cuddle bug at all times. I’m not sure who is luckier, Big Johnny or Devon and her apartment mates! Love is a really beautiful thing to share.

Love fixes a lot of things. Big Johnny was homeless but now he’s loved. Look around at any problem or struggle, big or small, and ask yourself, “What if I used love to solve it?” Even if the problem is at work, how could love or self-love help fix it? Health problem? Can you shower someone with love or self-love? Relationship problem? Love might help that, too? Love is the answer, but if you’re like me, I very often make it far more complicated. Thanks Big Johnny, your unceasing love reminded me to do the same!

With Gratitude,


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