Have you ever gone hiking in the woods? During any of those hikes have you ever, unfortunately, realized you were lost? This has happened to me many times. Three of my epic wayward wanderings were with my sister Sue McElroy in the Redwood National and State Parks (NPS)Susan Guerrera Niedt locally here in the Sourland Mountain, and with Doug Fitzgerald in many places.

Getting off course happens, regrettably, without us knowing at first. We are lost before we know we are lost. Once we realize we are off-course, panic often sets in. I have been lost both with and without a map; with is better but doesn’t always provide an immediate answer. Eventually, we figure it out. It might require doubling back or asking questions of other hikers, but we always find our way back.

Getting lost isn’t fun but it has a way of testing our resolve. We can’t quit unless we believe we can live in the woods forever. So if you have ever been lost on a hike, remember how amazing you are—resourceful, gritty, smart, persistent, clever, etc. Oh, and by the way, you can apply those incredible qualities to anything in life, not just a hike!

With Gratitude,


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