I was on my weekly Zoom call last night with my Emerging Leaders class and we were discussing fear. I love discussing fear because it’s that one thing in our life that is never going away—we can conquer one fear, but another will crop up. So I’ve made it my lifelong mission to continue to identify my fears, face them, and conquer them daily. Some fears are easier to defeat than others. Regardless, facing them head on is the only way to win.

If we can’t conquer our fears, then success will remain out of reach. Success, fear, and failure are all on the same road—success is just further down the road. Imagine yourself looking down a long road; you can see success at the end. If you knew fear and failure would be experienced along the way, would you travel down the road anyway? Would it be worth it in the end? Are you tough enough to overcome the challenges along the way? If you’re waiting for the road that doesn’t have both fear and failure on it, then you should know now, that road doesn’t exist.

Fear is a lifelong nemesis for sure, but very often she backs down quickly when we puff out our chest and exert our courage. There is no shortcut to success; fear stands in the way every time, on purpose, to make success that much sweeter in the end. If it were easy, everyone would do it—but you and I aren’t everyone. Today, I need us both to prove our moxie by facing our fears. Look past the fear, can you see the success? I know you can. Now let’s go get this thing!

With Gratitude,


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