Sunday through Tuesday of this week was eye-opening. For three consecutive days, I witnessed how difficult life can be. On Sunday, at church, I watched a woman get prayed over by our priest. Many thoughts ran through my mind—is it cancer, is it someone in her family—whatever it was, I knew it was serious. Monday, Doug and I met a young lady who had been through more in her 17 years then anyone should endure in a lifetime. And Tuesday, I watched numerous homeless people sleeping all over Manhattan in the bitter cold. 

Life is hard. We don’t always get to see how hard it is. We don’t always know all the struggles people are withstanding. Homelessness is obvious, but most struggles and challenges are kept hidden, carried silently by the individual, yet the suffering is undoubtedly there and the weight takes its toll.

I know, sadly, that we can’t readily undo everyone’s burdens, but we can be kind. Kindness goes a very long way. For those who are gasping for air in the deep end, an act of kindness can be a quick respite from the struggle—breathing just got a little easier, if only for a moment. So my challenge to all of us today is to intentional perform acts of kindness each day for the remaining 10 days of February. Post them here or on my feed. We can make this world a better place, but we must be intentional! Are you with me? You’re either IN or your OUT. What’s it going to be?

With Gratitude,

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Terry Lynch
Terry Lynch
1 year ago

Act of kindness: Helping a family struggling with a member with Alzheimer’s.