If you are like me, maybe you too cannot stop thinking about Kobe Bryant, Gianna, and the 7 other people who died in that fateful flight Sunday morning in Calabasas, California. We all know about the tragic accident because the Los Angeles Lakers legend was onboard the helicopter, but I can only process this tragedy in terms of moms, dads, and kids. 

Life is short. There are no guarantees. Not even wealth and fame can protect us from the unthinkable. I find myself thinking how relieved I am that every child on that helicopter had a parent with them—doing their best to protect them up until the very last second. That’s what we do as parents, right? We protect with all that we have and all that we are.

My mind has to visualize Kobe, Gianna, and the 7 other victims in heaven; I need to see them safe. They left their families that fateful morning not knowing they would never return. What would you do differently if you knew this was your last day? Who would you call and what would you say? Would it be love or forgiveness or both? Those 9 angels have given all of us a second chance to do what they no longer can. Don’t squander it, it’s a huge gift. Remember: there are no guarantees.

With Love,

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1 year ago

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