Over the weekend, our daughter Clare, shared a funny story. She’s a freshman at Stevens Institute of Technology and she’s fortunate enough to have her cousin attending there as well. She said, “He always says to me, ‘Clare, just figure it out!’” We asked her what he meant, and she replied, “Anything, just go figure it out!” And if you know Clare, she will!

Then yesterday, I was on a call with my coach and accountability partner. I was explaining a big struggle I was having and she said, “Beth, just go figure it out. If there’s one thing I know about you, you always figure it out.” I thought about her words and agreed. I always believe everything can get figured out.

So “Figure it out” is clearly the mantra for the Fitzgerald women this week, and maybe it can be your mantra, too. What’s your struggle right now? I know, it feels overwhelming; mine did, too. But here’s the truth, you can figure it out. You’ve figured out far more than this. Yes, it’s a hurdle, but you can do it! Just go figure it out!

With Gratitude,


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