Many years ago, softball was my sport. My dad had been an amazing baseball player, so the sport kind of ran through our veins. I was never the best, but I was good. Although I played every position on the field throughout my softball career, one thing always remained constant: I was the lead-off hitter.

I loved being the lead-off hitter for a few reasons: I loved that the team was counting on me to get on base, I loved that pressure. I also loved that they weren’t looking for anything extraordinary, like a home run. That was left for the fourth batter, the clean-up hitter. That was not my task and I was grateful. I got on and looked to everyone behind me to move me around the bases. There was pressure, for sure, but completely doable.

Leading off is a lot like life. We can’t score from the dugout—we have to bravely walk up to the plate and take our turn. No one’s asking us to hit a home run, just a base hit. If we want things to happen, really good things, we have to take our turn in the batter’s box. We have to be brave and look to simply hit a single. What is the “single” in your life that you want to happen but maybe, just maybe, you’re still in the dugout looking at the field? Decide today to hit the single, because if you’re not on base, you can’t score. Be brave! We can do this!

With Gratitude,

This is me and my dad. I’m guessing this was a trip to the mound to settle me down. And my hand on my hip is quite telling! LOL.

Me and my dad, circa 1977
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