This week in my 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth class we discussed leveraging systems. A system is a process for predictably achieving a goal based on orderly, repeatable principles. Systems are deliberate and intentional and they are incredibly effective.

This post I write every day is a result of a system. If you are a coach, your practice is a system. Laundry and bill-paying can be a system. These are all great ways to get stuff done efficiently and effectively but unfortunately, we have some other systems operating in our lives that aren’t nearly as good for us.

Review some of the things you do systematically that aren’t improving your life. Here are some ideas: sleep/eat/exercise, personal downtime, bill payment, organization, relationship time, evaluation time, celebration time. Lack of sleep is just as much a system as making sleep a priority. Just because you have a system in place doesn’t mean it is a good one. We all have good and bad systems—it’s time to review!

With Gratitude,

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