Today, I’m checking in. How is the pandemic going for you? I have heard that many businesses have decided they are not going back to physical offices until after the new year. That’s a lot to absorb both mentally and emotionally. WFH can be great in many ways, but not when it’s inextricably coupled with a lock-down and social distancing.

If you were optimistically awaiting the end of this mandatory sequestering, perhaps your optimism has begun to fade. Maybe you’re fed up with not seeing family, friends, and colleagues, although you still want to be a responsible citizen. Maybe the pandemic is feeling a bit heavy right now—I get it. There are days it gets heavy for me, too. But we don’t have to accept this weight; we simply need to get creative!

I’m encouraging all of you to respond here so that we can help each other. What are you doing that is safe but creative? How are you getting out of the house and feeding your need for social interaction? How are you making WFH enjoyable and/or exciting? For some, the weight is getting very heavy—please be generous with your ideas! You never know who you will be helping.

* Miniature golf is open near me. We are taking our family this week for dinner, golf, and ice cream. 

With Gratitude,

PS I Promise to share all the creative answers I receive.

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Griffin Ferrara
Griffin Ferrara
4 days ago

Having grandparents and family over for a socially distant backyard dinner!