Earlier this week I talked about thought provoking questions that made you and me think about 2019 in it’s entirety as well as how we want to design 2020. All of this was from a goal achievement perspective. But I have another question that’s simply coming from a feel-good place:

What was the most caring service you performed last year?

Your answer could be from a philanthropy/volunteer perspective or this “caring service” could have happened within your own family. The answer is someone needed you and you answered the call. In all likelihood, you gave of your time, but you also gave from your heart. This was big!

Don’t get lost in the insignificant and meaningless goals of 2020 and overlook the meaningful and weighty acts of kindness and compassion. Trust me, years from now no one is going to remember the 10 lbs you lost, but they will, without a doubt, remember when you lent a much needed and kindhearted helping hand. Your weight loss goal may have just taken a backseat. Make 2020 not just great but significant.

With Gratitude,

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