Today, I am not going to give you the “rah-rah” story everyone else is giving. I am not sure what your resolutions and goals are for 2020, but I do know what the statistics show: within 30 days, 75% of us will have dropped our resolutions and by year’s end, that number will get as high as 92%. Therefore, statistically, we are destined to fail.

How’s that for a motivational talk? Haha! I believe, the truth behind those statistics is that we come off of the proverbial New Year’s starting line with all the fervor of an Olympic sprinter only to find out that our race is actually a marathon and not a sprint. So it is not the resolutions but the sprinting that preordains our failure.

Here’s the advice I’m following this year because I’m determined to be the 8% that succeeds. Go slow, it all doesn’t need to be completed in January. Be kind and forgiving to yourself. Don’t quit after the first failure because mini-failures are essentially guaranteed, so write them into the plan now. Revisit and reset (weekly or monthly), this is the time to make adjustment, it’s not to let us off the hook. Finally, set some rules to prevent failure (I’m doing a dry January, if I have a drink then I have to add two more weeks to the end for every drink). Let’s all be the 8%; it’s all about pacing!

With Gratitude,

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