“What do you feel are the main obstacles that people allow to get in their way of achieving a more fulfilling life?” ~ Brian

The first obstacle is most definitely fear. Our mind tries to help us by thinking of all the possible negative outcomes and then we listen to our mind and stop all forward momentum. Perhaps you have heard the quote, “Fear has killed more dreams than failure ever will.” Me must challenge the mind every time it uses fear against us.

The second obstacle is our own lack of confidence or belief in our ability. It is rare that we will ever outperform our own self-image without someone pushing us. That someone has to have a belief in us that is greater than our own, otherwise, we will stay in our own small comfort zone.

This is why a coach or mentor is so important in achieving a more fulfilling life. They help us overcome our fears, they possess a much stronger belief in us than we could ever have of ourselves, and they hold us accountable. In a nutshell, they help us get out of our own way, and that’s exactly what we need.

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