I spent the last 4 days at James Madison University where I was invited to speak to the students of the College of Business. What an incredible group of motivated young adults! Each one was filled with passion, motivation, and eagerness as well as fear, trepidation, and angst as they inch closer and closer to graduation — necessitating their ultimate departure from their 4-year safe-haven.

I brought a Rubik’s cube with me into the lecture hall. I find visuals are a great way of making a point. I asked them how a Rubik’s cube gets solved. One bright young man asserted via the algorithm, which is true, but for most of us this cube would be attacked by simple trial and error, right? We would learn from each subsequent move what worked and what didn’t. It’s a test of perseverance and determination.

Consider getting a Rubik’s cube for your desk. Let it remind you about life. Trial and error. DO NOT quit when it gets tough. The problem is asking you to think and what’s better than that? Yes, it’s challenging, but that’s what makes you stronger. Maybe it’s time to ask for some help. That’s OK, too. And when you finally solve it, do you know what most people do? They scramble the cube and start again! Why? Because simply accepting the challenge reveals what you are truly made of! Let’s go! 

With Gratitude,

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