What do you want? Actually, those 4 words could be my complete post today if I believed in our ability to actually answer this question truthfully. We absolutely believe we know that answer until someone like me says, “Great. Write it down.”

Your homework for today is to answer that question as completely and honestly as you can. Keep in mind two very important things: most people will answer with what they DON’T want and this is a list of what YOU want not what you think you should want or what others want for you. No judgement, just honest answers. This can often be a surprisingly emotional exercise.

Will you carve out 10 minutes to complete this exercise? Choosing NOT to do this exercise speaks volumes about how you regard your own wants, dreams, and desires. I hear the comeback already, “Beth, I’m busy!” We are ALL busy, my friend, but this is YOUR life. Dismissing this exercise is you essentially putting yourself LAST again. You CANNOT get what you want in life if you won’t commit to a 10 minute heart-to-heart with yourself. I just threw down the gauntlet.

With Gratitude,
P.S. This is also a great exercise to require of your team. If you don’t know where you are going, it’s pretty hard to get to there. 

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