Who is up for a Free 7-Day Challenge? You can relax, it’s not a colon cleanse and it’s absolutely not push-ups! Actually, for this challenge, you get to choose. I want you to select something that (1) you would like to change and (2) if you devoted 7 straight days to it, you would undoubtedly make an impact. It might not be done in 7 days, but you will be creating momentum and moving in the right direction.

Here’s the deal: I know the power of baby steps. Do you know the difference between baby steps and no steps at all? Exactly! The baby steppers are making progress and the others are standing still. Today I am looking for a commitment to the baby steps of your choice. Pick a small goal, and work at it every day. Next Tuesday, let’s see where we all are. Deal?

I’m going to clean up my emails. As you can see, I have 25,334 unread emails! I actually got it down to 22K since this picture. I’m committing to cleaning up a minimum of 1200 per day—I can agree to that. What are you going to choose? It’s 7 days, for crying out loud; we can all do something for 7 days. This is the momentum-changer we’ve all been looking for. Today, choose baby steps or choose to stand still. Either way, you ARE choosing.

With Gratitude,

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