A few weeks ago I was at Orangetheory Fitness Princeton. We were instructed to move to the rowers for a 500 meter row. As we headed over, our coach Brian was motivating us with possible row times. As I was walking past him he looked at me and asked, “Can you do it in less than 2 minutes?”

To be fair, Brian doesn’t know my ability, he was just tossing out some goals for all of us to shoot for. I’m new at this whole rowing thing, so I wasn’t even sure if 2 minutes was attainable for me, but that’s the number I heard so I said to myself, “Why not. Let’s give it a try.” And no one was more surprised than me when I came in 7 seconds under the 2-minute mark. Had Brian not suggested the target, what do you think my time would have been? Longer, right? Yes!

Today, use Brian’s motivation technique for your own personal gain. Pick something you are pursuing right now. Is it personal or work related? Now, what can you do to tighten up the timeline so it happens faster? You might need to be brave or fearless even, but this is what I know for sure: We don’t know what we are capable of until we try. Let’s GO! You can do this! 

With Gratitude,

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