As many of you know, we renovated our kitchen this past summer. One of the last things we did was we had our hardwood floors refinished. They were 22-years-old and had taken the brunt of 4 kids, 2 dogs, and umpteen gatherings attended by numerous guests. These floors owed us nothing, and it showed!

When my contractor returned this past Monday and saw the floors for the first time he proclaimed, “This is unbelievable! These floors look incredible! They look brand new!” And he was right. All that had happened was that the wood was sanded down to buff out 22 years of wear and tear. The wood, at its core, was exactly the same as it was when it was originally laid. 

Isn’t the same true with all of us? A lot has happened over the years. We all have had our share of nicks and dings. I was only seeing (and judging) my floors at the surface level. Have you judged yourself because you can’t see anything but the nicks and dings? Wear and tear is bound to happen with floors and with us, but what’s below the surface? I bet you too would be described as unbelievable and incredible! We really need to focus on the core, but if we do find ourselves fixated on the divots, remember, that’s only a little part of a much bigger story! 

With Gratitude,

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